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Below is a list of all our team members that have been awarded an Impact Award for exceptional customer service.

Awarded in March 2019

Julie-Anne Donnachie, Building Manager, Property & Asset Management NSW

We really appreciate how hard Julie-Anne works day-to-day. She's always super helpful day-to-day and really does go above and beyond. Some of our team in our tenancy have been working late recently...

Jose Estavillo, Building Operations Supervisor

Jose consistently and accurately checks every detail in Evolution (our services and PPM system) to ensure that required tasks and action items are being addressed properly and in a timely manner consi...

Bernard Freeman, Manager, Operations

Bernard brings a smile to the tenants at the Clock Tower and is an amazing problem solver since coming on board. He is never to busy to help and is always prompt with his responses. Multiple members; ...

Kushal Gupta, Relief Building Operations Supervisor

Kushal assisted greatly on the day the building manager was away sick for an extended period of time. His rapport with the tenants and likable nature helped us greatly. I appreciate his help for comin...

Christine O'Connor, AdminAssistant / Receptionis, JLL Challenger

Christine goes above and beyond daily to help the team and customers where ever possible. We would be lost without her!

ChewYee Tan, Marketing Manager, Challenger

Chewyee is constantly striving to provide our visitors with the best customer experience!

Awarded in February 2019

Abdul Ghoul, Property Services Supervisor,

Abdul has supported my organisation on an ongoing way - we have recently grown to appreciate him enormously during his recent leave - and we are delighted to have him back on deck.

David Irvine, Assistant Operations Manager, PAG NSW Blackstone

Sometimes we don't realise what goes on behind the scenes. A shot out to Dave!. On Sunday morning at 6:30am (Dave's day off) - Dave drove to site and reset 3 of our chillers and hung around until 10...

Ronald Yeap, Portfolio Accountant, PAM NSW

Ronald worked tirelessly over the Long Weekend to ensure our Client received a bank reconciliation which required a short turnaround. Ron, your dedication and commitment has not gone unnoticed. Tha...

Julie-Anne Donnachie, Building Manager, Property & Asset Management NSW

Julie-Anne Is one of the few building managers that I have meet who is passionate about her job. She's a great communicator and has been able to bring about a big change to the way building operations...

Ricky Braddock, Manager, Operations

I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work and effort Rick put's in on a daily basis. Rick is always willing to assist no matter how trivial the issue maybe and the care and efficienc...

Leif Golder, PAM NSW

I am resident in "The Quay" for the last 4 years. Mr Leif Golder , our senior operations manager, is extremely helpful, well mannered and respectful in every single matter that I have approached him ...

Awarded in January 2019

Shaun Macklin

Shaun always replied and promptly with the documents that we needed to set up and expedite the fit-out of a retail store in the MidCity Centre.

Jennie Burrell, Senior Property Manager

Jennie has worked effortlessly since she started work at JLL and has tirelessly overcome demanding properties and clients. She's a trooper and has really gone out of her way to maintain an impeccable...

Tony Cook , Operations Manager, JLL

Tony Cook is professional, effective, efficient and very good at his job. He is friendly and personable, always going above and beyond in his job to offer help & support. Good at building relationshi...

Awarded in December 2018

Emily Li, Portfolio Accountant,Client Accounting Services, PAM NSW

Emily is a breath of fresh air - A true team player who goes above and beyond in supporting her team and all thing accounting - a dream to work with !

Awarded in November 2018

Rod Brisbane
Building Operations Manager

The team at the clock tower are fairly new and Rod has come through every step of the way when it came to supporting us. Never too busy to take a call and a helping hand. Couldn't ask for better suppo...

Vincent Chuo
Building operations supervisor, Engineering Facilities Management

I'd like to nominate Vincent for being very knowledgeable on everything I have needed information for. He's very personable and works very well with all the trades and clients that I've seen. Myself i...

Awarded in September 2018

Nick Milton, Operations Manager, PAG NSW

Adrietta Munro, Blackstone

A disoriented woman was brought into CMO by some customers. To cut a long story short, she appeared either drunk or on medication as she was very emotional and slow to respond. After contacting emerge...

Awarded in July 2018

Charles Farrugia, PAM NSW

Our IFM team had a problem to solve for one of their clients and it needed to be done quickly. Charles said yes and kept saying yes as the scope grew and the challenges mounted. In the end, he manag...

Awarded in May 2018

Daniel Wackwitz , PAM NSW

I am really pleased I have the opportunity to nominate Daniel. He is always approachable, helpful and responsive. I really appreciate his hard work. For example, he helped me today with programming ou...

Enes Stanic, Building Operations Manager , PAM NSW

Enes saves the day! 'Don't sweat it' or it's 'simple to fix' are only a few of the words the clients and I hear when working with Enes which is a true reflection of his effortless approach to defuse...